We all know that traffic in Manila made a big impact to motorist, specially the ones who comes in the south and  works in Manila. having the edge arising big companies and buildings has given more job opportunities to people but the downside of it  is the TRAFFIC.

The south of Manila is a remaining spot that you can live easily. the progress of living in the South, promising opportunities, competitive job market, infrastructure and resources and progress area continues. South is making its big progress when it comes to building housing and community. with its lush greenery, you can assure that living in the south is secure, peacefully and conveniently living experience. The same goes to driving or commuting to the South is now easier because of Skyway, CALAX, MCX  will make it more accessible.

Ovialand introduces a new philosophy of living “outside the box”

There is a tendency in modern society to prefer city living over a more rural way of life. The narrative for this is simple: Cities are where all the happenings are, whether these are developments that shake the country or lifestyle opportunities that keep people in their toes.

Metropolitan life, however, has its fair share of flaws. The chronic traffic, flooded roads, and pollution are proof that the city is now supporting more than its capacity. As these challenges show no sign of letting up, more and more people are asking, “Is there an alternative to city living?”

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(excerpt taken from stayadventurousblog.wordpress.com)

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