Howdy Guys & Gals and everyone out there who wanted to make the best out of their life. Perhaps, something that worth trying or doing that your older self will be thankful for doing so during your younger years.

Or maybe, something that could harness your strength and overcome your fear and weaknesses. For me, being inconsistent on almost everything that I do is something that I need to focus and work on. Can you even believe that as I write this post, a motivational talk I found on YouTube about “How to overcome Laziness?” is playing on the background. Well, a good start for me to ponder on things and thoughts to become a better me. I am looking forward on that and I assure you guys, you’ll see my improvements on this blog of mine. Well, Dream and Act.

Meanwhile, I love to travel. And as I grow older I realized that travelling is one of the greatest possession on this world that could bring so much joy and happiness to an individual, well for me it does. But what if, you’re not that kind of person that grew up with a silver spoon, well, I guess, you have to work hard to achieve those dreams of yours. You have to work hard for you to cross out, one by one, your bucket list of places you wanted to visit. Me, I do. I always put 101% on everything I did and still doing to reap a better reward. But yeah, sometimes being on that scenario causes too much stress and agony but I know we all have the options to make it a bit lighter and achievable.

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