Last month, we traveled up north to see how convenient to live there. Imagine it only take us less than an hour to travel from Makati to Sto Tomas Batangas via expressway and Skyway as we return to Manila. As we passed by those great views of Bluegreen Nature. Of Laguna-Batangas paradise such as Mt Makiling.

We visited the latest famous National Shrine of Padre Pio Catholic Bamboo Church passed by exclusive Schools, Hospital, Lifestyle Strip and Industrial Parks. Even cool places to dine with and unwind from toxic traffic, flood and polluted life in the Metro.

Ovialand Inc in Sto Tomas, Batangas shows great promise and progress. To experience the vibrancy of living the good life community out side the box. As an alternative stylish-peaceful way of city living.

Fatima Olivares-Vital, Business Unit Head of Ovialand Inc. “The government is actively looking for ways to make these citywide problems more bearable and one of the options they are looking at is to decentralize the congestion in Manila by  directing growth to other areas.

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