An Escape from the City life but still living the dream in the South

I grew up in the busy street of Metro Manila, dealing with its pros and cons everyday: heavy traffic, flooded roads and pollution. Signs that signifies that the city is now supporting more than its capacity and even so we still manage to hang on to what the city can offer.

Metropolitan Life is way too complicated and bearable, a life that has its fair share of flaws hence complicated it may seems but we intend to continue those ways to support our needs. The growing population at the metro is now on its peak and the government use to decentralize the congestion in Metro Manila by directing growth to other area.

I’ve been exploring different places in the Philippines where, sometimes I say to myself that “when I get old, I wish I can live here peacefully”. I use to get that impression a lot from myself whenever I escape the city life. A smell of fresh air, the view of mountain range and the luscious green sceneries that will surely take your breath away; all this are the things that you can experience in rural places such as the city in the south and one of this is the Sto. Tomas, Batangas – a place that is almost like in the metro where hospitals, schools and entertainment hubs is now in reach of every citizen, a place where you can find the famous

Investing on my family’s future is one of my priorities in life and giving them a descent home is on the top of my checklist. Ovialand – a subsidiary of MCDC with over 28 years in housing development, offers best-value homes that is affordable for the Filipino families.

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