Girl power rules in this male-dominated sector

It’s a breath of fresh air to see a woman at the helm of a company in a male-dominated industry.

Fatima Olivares-Vital had boldly brushed gender and age issues aside when she took on the challenge of heading her family’s real estate company, Ovialand Inc., which was put up about three years ago.

The business unit head of Ovialand was banking then on the expertise she had gained over the years when she was still helping her father run the business—the Malate Construction and Development Corp. (MCDC), which had close to three decades of experience in housing development.

MCDC is the parent firm of Ovialand.

“I worked for MCDC for almost nine years. From the day I graduated, I immediately started working for my dad and that was the time when sales were going slow as many competitors were rising. My dad asked me to do everything that I could to start boosting our sales,” Olivares-Vital recalls.

She admitted it was a daunting task for her then, a 22-year-old fresh graduate and a female at that.

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