Your Sanctuary in the South of Manila

Where were you during the September 8, 2015 ‘carmaggedon’ that crippled Metro Manila? Unfortunately, I was in the midst of it all, along with the other hapless many. We were caught in the ‘eye’ of disaster where traffic stood still.

It poured heavily in the afternoon resulting in flash floods, making most of metro manila roads not passable. No it’s not the regular 2-3 hour traffic…this one’s an all-nighter. It’s already early morning of the next day that most of us were able to go home and lay our dead tired bodies to bed.

It isn’t really something new. The next-to-impossible traffic situation is a regualr thing in Metro Manila. It just vary in degree, depending on the day, weather, occasion, 3-day sales events, etc.

Bottomline, Metro Manila is becoming overpopulated. Aside from improving the public transport system and adding more roads, one more option to look at, is to provide people with alternative living options. People keep flocking to the city in the hope of finding better opportunities, which results in the ballooning of the population. City centers need to be decongested by directing growth to other places.

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